Arundel Child Care Connection

Vision Statement:

Our community fully supports the education and well-being of all children so that they can thrive in the world.

Mission Statement:

We provide the connections that improve knowledge, awareness, and competence to those who nurture, teach,  and advocate for children.

Philosophies, principles, and values:

  1. Meeting individuals [and organizations] where they are
  2. Promotion of self care
  3. Culture of collaboration
  4. Commitment to growth
  5. Empowering the profession

Position Statement:

Arundel Child Care Connections is Anne Arundel County’s trusted resource for children from birth to 12. It builds a strong early learning collaboration between child care professionals, families, and community partners to ensure that every child has a great start. ACCC advocates and promotes the value of early childhood experiences through professional development and outreach and advocates for support of key early learning policies.


The Arundel Child Care Connections, Inc. is a member of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network with funding provided from the Maryland State Department of Education, and through Maryland Family Network.


Meet our Team

Germaine Adams

Executive Director

443-782-5003 ext. 100

Heather Pendleton

Training Coordinator

443-782-5007 ext. 101

Aleace Douglas

Training Coordinator Assistant/Registrar

443-782-5004 ext. 103

Danequa Offei

CHAMPS Behavior Specialist

443-782-5006 ext. 104

Kellie Brooks

Early Childhood Specialist

443-782-5005 ext. 102

Tya’ Burris

CHAMPS Behavior Specialist

443-782-5009 ext. 105