On-Site Training

Onsite training is the perfect option for programs that are looking to train their team all at once. You can tailor the training to your programs specific needs. We work with you to meet your schedule by minimizing travel burdens or time away from work for your team. Contact our Training Coordinator to schedule your onsite training.

Why choose onsite training?

  • Eliminated travel expenses
  • Cost effective
  • Training on your time frame
  • Workshops tailored to meet your needs

We provide:

  • A professional trainer
  • All travel arrangements
  • Projector and technology (if needed)
  • Training materials

All you have to provide are enthusiastic learners who are looking to grow professionally!

COVID-19: If you choose to have a physical onsite training, your center must be able to abide by social distancing recommendations (such as 6 feet of space between participants and requiring participants to wear a mask for the duration of the training). The center must also be fully cleaned with CDC recommended disinfectants PRIOR to the training. If anyone attending the training test positive for COVID-19 within 3 weeks from the date of the training you MUST notify Arundel Child Care Connections IMMEDIATELY so that we may notify the trainer. Maximum of 14 participants for on-sites.

Virtual “Onsite” Training 

Arundel Child Care Connections is now offering virtual “onsite” training in order to accommodate centers/programs that choose to remain socially distant. We will provide the trainer, platform and digital copies of all materials. You may choose to do this at your center/home, or your staff may complete the training from their homes. If you choose to have the virtual onsite in your center, you must ensure that all participants have access to their own personal device to complete the training and comply with social distancing. At this time we are requiring a minimum of  8 participants for all virtual “on-site” trainings.

For more information please contact:

Training Coordinator (443) 782-5001 ext 105